Clubs 2022-23

PoliticsInAction Clubs are designed to connect students to learn and grow in their knowledge of both God and Government through classes, simulation activities and guest speakers.

The Fall Term walks the students through the United States Constitution, article by article to demonstrate the roles each branch of our government has in protect the rights of its citizens.

The Spring Term introduces the students to topics that have a heavy hand in influencing the government- such as political parties, the media, and advocacy groups.


For the 2022-23 term, PoliticsInAction will hold TWO classes:

Senior Members- 12-18

Senior members will receive the traditional PoliticsInAction experience. Discussing current events, politics, government, and more in a challenging, but fun setting!

NEW PoliticsInAction KIDZ 8-11

KIDZ members will receive a more activities-based PoliticsInAction experience with a focus on how our government works, rather than delving into the often controversial politics the older group may discuss.

Exceptions may be made to move students up or down from their group should their parents/guardians request. All exceptions will be determined by the executive director.


One of PoliticsInAction’s foundational tenants is an affordable, yet comprehensive and detailed experience.

Full term- $75

*Scholarships and payment plans are available upon request and application.


1244 West Farms Road, Howell NJ 07731


All club sessions (for both KIDZ and senior members) run from 6pm-8pm unless otherwise announced.

~Spring Term~

January 13th

January 27th

February 24th

March 3rd (rescheduled February 10th meeting)

March 10th

April 14th

May 5th

May 26th

For more info, please email us at

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