Statement of Politics

PoliticsInAction is a ministry of Immanuel Bible Church, and as such, we hold firm Bible-based theological and political beliefs.

Respect for our Judeo-Christian heritage

The United States has a unique Judeo-Christian heritage. While Americans are inherently sinful, the United States was built upon Judeo-Christian ideas found in the Holy Bible. Therefore, its government and leaders should reflect this fact through their actions and their rhetoric.

Respect for Conservatism

While students are not forced to believe everything our organization advocates, they are expected to respect such opinions in actions and rhetoric. While this list is not comprehensive of our wide array of beliefs, they are core tenants of conservatism and are what will be shared during classes and other activities: Christian beliefs such as pro-life, traditional marriage, biological gender identity, and respect for governing authorities. Conservative values: limited government involvement, individual freedom, fiscal responsibility, original intent/textualist interpretation of the United States Constitution, respect for police officers, and respect for former and current members of our military.

Respect for the United States Constitution

The United States Constitution (USC) is the supreme law of the land. While man and their interpretations are fallible, the USC ought to be respected and defended.

Respect for Freedom

The Bill of Rights is a fundamental pillar of our nation. Therefore, its citizens should acknowledge, respect, and defend each written and implied freedom.

People over Politics

The purpose of a Constitutional Republic is to afford a nation’s citizens a chance to participate in their government’s affairs. Therefore, the well-being of a nation’s citizens should be at the forefront of a nation rather than petty politics or selfish biases.

God and Government

As Romans 13 states, God has placed every leader in power. Therefore, citizens ought to pray for all leaders, no matter how much they disagree with said leaders. Nevertheless, citizens also have the responsibility to stand up for the USC, their Judeo-Christian heritage, and freedom with their vote and their voice.

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